Meet Aaron


Upon graduating from the University of Connecticut in 1986 Aaron began working with fine jewelry in New York City’s famous Diamond District.  After apprenticing under his grandfather for six years, completing GIA Diamond Courses, and compiling credits for jewelry design and construction at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, Aaron moved to his new-found home - Los Angeles, California. 

In 1991 he worked for a prestigious stone house creating international contacts for acquiring polished diamonds, colored stones, and fine jewelry.  In 1997 he opened Aaron J. Spicker - Diamonds beginning his independent diamond consulting career. 

Aaron's unrelenting passion for the diamond industry has not ceased and continues to span over 30 years.  He provides clients with expert information, timely product updates, and fantastic final results.  Working with Aaron takes away the stress that comes with navigating the complex diamond market.  Scroll below to see the services Aaron provides, images of the beautiful works of art, and testimonials from Aaron's clients.

Engagement Rings

In these thirty years, Aaron has guided thousands of customers through the complex journey of diamond buying and crafting engagement rings.  He will help you design your dream piece, while matching your vision and staying on budget.  His collaborative approach keeps customers informed, and makes them feel at ease throughout the entire process.  

Fine Jewelry & Family Heirloooms 

Feel comfortable bringing your design ideas and Aaron will help create your vision.  From earrings to bracelets, he can craft any ideal arrangements and enjoys sharing his knowledge with clients.  Aaron provides a variety of designs and options, educating and guiding you through the steps of your purchase.  

Appraisals &


Quality Control

Aaron has thorough knowledge in examining fine jewelry.  Aaron is the head of quality control for all major jewelry exhibited for LA's red carpet events on behalf of a prominent diamond company.  Aaron can evaluate a single ring, or an entire collection, identifying the exact value and condition of each item.  After the evaluation, he will personally guide you through the entire resale process.